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Mike Benkovich

DemoFEST: SQL 2008, AJAX and the Virtual Earth SDK

by Mike Benkovich

In DemoFest events, we demonstrate an end-to-end solution that takes technologies and tools we discussed in other BenkoTips webcasts and applies them to create something fun. We look at some of the new features in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, including data types for spatial data, and how we can use these features to build interesting applications. We then take this functionality and expose it using a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. Finally, we explore the software development kit (SDK) for Microsoft Virtual Earth and how we can build on top of this rich interactive platform using new Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and JavaScripting capabilities in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

About the Author

Mike Benkovich delivers technical presentations around the U.S. as a developer evangelist on the MSDN team at Microsoft. He has worked in a variety of professional roles, including architect, project manager, developer, and technical writer. Mike is also an author of two books, published by WROX Press and APress, which show developers how to get the most from their SQL databases. Since appearing in the 1994 Microsoft DevCast, Mike has presented technical information at seminars, conferences, and corporate boardrooms across America.