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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Twin Cities Code Camp has been postponed until April 2021.

Hamlet D'Arcy

Groovy Metaprogramming

by Hamlet D'Arcy

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Ruby's monkeypatching brought the idea of metaprogramming to the masses, or at least to those that weren't exposed to it in Lisp or C. At its best, metaprogramming can greatly improve productivity, as is the case with Grails, but at its worst it can destroy expectations and induce versioning confusion. This talk introduces the myriad metaprogramming techniques Groovy and dynamic typing allows, shows how some of them are used in real life, and compares them to what's available in other languages. Oh yeah, all code will be written live.

About the Author

Hamlet D'Arcy has been writing software for about a decade, and has spent considerable time coding in C++, Java, and Groovy. He's passionate about learning new languages and different ways to think about problems, and recently he's been discovering the joys of both F# and Scheme. He's an active member of the Groovy Users of Minnesota and the Object Technology User Group, is a contributor to a few open source projects (including Groovy and the IDEA Groovy Plugin), blogs regularly at and can be contacted at .

Scott Vlaminck has been developing web applications for about a decade, and has spent most of that time using Java and J2EE. For the past two years, however, he's been enjoying the freedom of programming in Groovy using Grails. He's an active member of the Groovy Users of Minnesota and has contributed to both the Grails and Groovy projects. His weblog can be found at and he can be contacted at .