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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Twin Cities Code Camp has been postponed until April 2021.

Donn Felker

Testing with Mocks

by Donn Felker

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Test this, test that, no problem. But what about when we need to start building full object graphs into our test in order to test an interaction or state? Yeah, Houston, we have a problem. With mocks we can streamline development by mocking out dependencies. Mocks will allow us to not only mock our dependencies but to also test our interactions and state very easily. In this session learn how to use mocks in your day to day testing.

About the Author

Donn Felker is a Senior Consultant with Magenic. He has over 8 years of professional experience in various markets that include – entertainment, health, retail, insurance, financial, and real estate. He is a MCTS in Web Client Development for .NET 2.0 and 3.5 and is also a certified ScrumMaster. He is the founder and coordinator of the Twin Cities Give Camp, the founder of Twin Cities Pragmatic Beer, a writer, presenter and consultant on various topics ranging from architecture, development in general, agile practices and patterns & practices.