Twin Cities Code Camp


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Twin Cities Code Camp has been postponed until April 2021.

Corey Miller

Building Better Applications with UX Principles

by Corey Miller

I will talk about some of the UX principles and practices and how we as business application developers can use these concepts to help build better applications for our users. This session will be a tips, tricks, and lessons learned session on building better UI's.

About the Author

Corey Miller is a professional designer and software developer with extensive experience in multimedia, web & windows based applications. A pioneer in Flash and Silverlight development, he uniquely combines design sensibility with rock-solid Microsoft .NET development skills. Recently, he was instrumental in developing a Silverlight business application (the first of its kind) for a major railroad company. Corey is highly active in the designer/developer space, co-founder of CD2UG, Microsoft MVP in Client App Development and has served as a presenting speaker at numerous community events in the Chicago area.