Twin Cities Code Camp

April 15, 2023

Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN

Ben Spain

My Favorite Interview Question

by Ben Spain

Sat, Apr 15, 2023
Room: P1808
Time: 12:30

What makes a good coding interview question? Is it one that spurs conversation? Does it allow the candidate to show their creativity? Does it match what the candidate would do in the real world? As the interviewer, our task is a challenging one: in a limited amount of time, try and assess if a candidate has good potential, would work well within a team, and would be a beneficial hire for the company. Let's face it though, as software engineers, you MUST be able to demonstrate your skills, with code. In this talk, we will go through a coding exercise process that we found to be very effective. We used this process with 20+ candidates during a very recent, high-velocity staffing period. By sharing our process, our results, and many of our observations, we hope to provide others some great insight that they can take into their own interviews. We believe that both interviewers, and candidates, at all levels of experience, will benefit from this talk.

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20+ years of Software Development and Engineering. Passionate about Leadership, Communication, CICD, and Snowboarding